10 Reasons You Need To Quit Your Job

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Your job is an important part of your life, it’s your primary source of income. Well, there might be plenty of reasons to hang on to your job as listed in my other article 10 reasons not to quit your job. But still, there are also plenty of reasons to quit your current job. When I say quit your current job, I don’t mean that you have to quit your job right now. There are many parameters to consider first as explained in the article I mentioned above, before making the big decision.

Here are 10 reasons to Quit your Job

1. Lack of Growth

Challenges and growth opportunities are an important part of Job life. They allow you to learn new skills and stretch your potential, without which you won’t be able to excel in your career. You are probably stuck in a dead end job if you see that your colleagues are given challenging assignments but you are not or Technology is slowly replacing your work or your organization has very limited work related to your Domain. If you see no growth in your current job then you have to consider quitting it and getting a new job even if you love your current job.

2. Lack of Appreciation

Getting appreciated for work is an employee’s greatest emotional need. Emotions play an important role in everyone’s life.  Lack of appreciation will destroy your Morale. You will feel as if you have done something wrong, you will start questioning your abilities which will lower yourself Self-Confidence as well as Self-Esteem. Lack of Appreciation is a sign of unhealthy work environment which will always have a negative effect on your mind. You deserve to feel gratitude for your contribution.

3. You are Underpaid

Money is always the main motivation for going for a job unless you are just in the beginning of your career and lack work experience. If your organization is not paying you according to your skills and experience then there is no point in continuing your job.

4. Toxic Work Environment

Your Boss, Co-Worker, Work Pressure, Office Politics etc can make it difficult for you to work. In fact, sometimes they convert your workplace into hell. You lose your motivation to go to work, you simply hate to be in your office. Once you are done trying all your options, it’s best for you to begin your Job Hunt. Because even if you still decide to continue with your job then you will probably get Frustrated and go into Depression.

5. Terrible Boss

Almost every employee has to deal with a terrible boss at least once during his/her work life. There is no escaping from it. A terrible boss can really convert your work life into a misery. Yet there are many ways to deal with such situations. But if nothing works out then it’s better to spend your valuable time and energy on finding a new job and leave your job with dignity.

6. No time for Yourself and Family

You should always remember that “You work to live” not “Live to work”. If your job requires you to work even on weekends or you are assigned so much work that it leaves you with no time for yourself and your family, then you seriously need to think about quitting your job and getting a new one.

7. You are Not Learning Anything

Learning is a continuous process and the best place to learn new things is your workspace. If you find yourself doing the same work every day which doesn’t teach you anything new, then you are no good than a Pre-Programmed Machine. Learning new skills attracts new growth opportunities. If your job doesn’t involve anything new then your job is most probably a dead end.

8. You are Stressed and Depressed

Your job makes you sick, you just hate it. You wake up in the morning and feel stressed as soon as you realize that you need to go work. Your brain starts thinking for reasons to apply for leave just because you have no motivation left to go to work. When your work life starts affecting your Mental Health or Physical health or both then consider leaving your job. Start searching for a new job and simultaneously find ways to reduce your Stress Levels.

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9. Tired and Need a Change

People usually get tired of working for the same organization for a long time, doing the same kind of work, taking orders from the same old boss etc. If this is your case then first you need to consider taking a break from your work life, go on a vacation. But if still, the situation doesn’t change then you might have to consider looking for new options.

10. You feel you can Contribute More Elsewhere

You have a decent job but you are not able to contribute much, you feel you could be a very valuable resource but you are not getting any such opportunities. Your personal growth is at stake as you are not doing anything challenging. You are losing your skills as your organization has no use for them. But you realize that you can contribute more to other organization. If this is your case then Please Quit your job and find a new one if you want to grow in your Career.

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