10 Ways To Change Your Mindset Instantly

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Mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by a person. Whatever you are today, Happy or Unhappy, Successful or Unsuccessful, Rich or Poor, Fat or slim etc it’s because of your Mindset. Your Decision-making power, your character, Your lifestyle etc are all dependent on your Mindset. Please go through my article on 10 signs you need to change your mindset for a better understanding of your mindset and the benefits of changing your mindset.

Here are 10 Ways to Change your Mindset

1. Realize that you have a choice

A majority of the people get stuck in life because they don’t realize that they always have a choice. For instance, people continue their job which they hate saying they don’t have any other option to support their expenses. It is not true. Whatever you are today it’s just because of the choices you made in your past and whatever you do today will define your tomorrow. You always have choices in your life, you just don’t realize it because you eliminate all the difficult once and follow the ones which are easy and comfortable.

2. Adjust your thinking

We all had failures at some point in time. When things didn’t turn out as we expected, we start wondering what we need to change. We look for materialistic faults or the skills which we might have missed out, but rarely question our way of thinking. More often it’s our thinking that needs an adjustment.

3. Deal with your counter-mindset

Our experiences, teachings and belief system start forming our mindset right from the point when we start to learn and understand things. The mindsets which block us such as fear, low confidence, Low Self Esteem, negative thinking etc which are not producing any positive outcome can be termed as counter mindsets. These are mainly developed due to failures or wrong teachings. Everyone has counter mindsets, you need to identify them and neutralize them accordingly. For instance, try to do the things you are afraid of.

4. Spend time with Positive people

A negative social circle will always act as a road block. If you spend more time with people who don’t understand your dreams or think you goals are unrealistic then they will constantly try to convince you that your goals are not possible. Same way if you spend time with people who don’t have any goals and ambition in life, who just live life as it is, who are either lazy or lack time sense etc then even you will become just like them. so choose your friends carefully. Find people who reflect the values you want to adopt. Attend meetups, join online groups, social events etc which are focused on personal growth. When you start spending time with positive and goal oriented people, you will slowly start thinking like them.

5. Challenge your thoughts

The first thing you need to do is to recognize your negative thoughts or pattern of negative thoughts. For instance negative thought such as “I Am not the right person?”, “What if I fail?”. Next step is to analyze the reasons you want to go ahead with the Negative Thoughts and then ask Questions to yourself such as “Is it really impossible or I am just afraid”, ”Am I really busy or I am Just Lazy” etc. There are more Chances that you won’t find any appropriate reason. So Next “Say No” to yourself and replace the negative thoughts with something positive.

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6. Read biographies of successful people

Reading biographies of successful people such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan etc can help you change your perspective towards failure. I assure you that they will inspire and convince you that nothing is impossible if we have a goal and keep on persisting toward achieving it. When you read biographies of successful people, you get to have a glimpse into their mind. You will know how they handled difficult situations.

7. Consume Positive Media.

Positive media can be anything which focuses on the good things, improving our life, helping others improve their life etc. Like I already mentioned above that surrounding ourselves with positive people helps us in developing a positive mindset, same goes with positive media. Positive Media triggers positive energy in your mind which helps in cultivation healthy and a positive mindset.

8. Write down your action plan

Writing down your action plan will not just help you to have a clear goal but also an achievable deadline oriented roadmap. It will also help you in analyzing your progress. Having a clear action plan make it easy to analyze what worked out for you and what didn’t. You can always update your action plan based on the changing situation but just don’t update it due to inefficiency caused by laziness.

9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Health is the biggest wealth you can ever get. A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy Mind. Believe me, I am saying this from my own experience. Most people have a habit of neglecting their health due to work or due to laziness. Just remember that if are not taking care of your health then you are risking everything.

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10. Appreciate People for their Help

We all have experienced the situations when your Boss never acknowledges effort, your friend asks for favor but never make it feel worth, your neighbor behaves rudely even after you help him etc. While you don’t like it but there is nothing much you can do about how others act, you can set an example by being the change you want to see. Send a thank you note when someone helps you. It will not only make them feel good but will also strengthen your relationship with them.

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