Why Choose Entrepreneurship Over Job?

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Why Entrepreneurship? It’s the first question common people ask when another common person says he/she wants to be Entrepreneurship. It’s irritating sometimes when people ask Why instead of What, What business or what Idea. While the answer to what will differ person to person but the answer to Why remains almost same for everyone. So today I am going to answer the question “Why Entrepreneurship?” and “Why more people should choose Entrepreneurship over Job?”.

So, here are the Top 8 reason for choosing Entrepreneurship over Job.

1. Solve Problems

The world is full of problems. Everyone has some problems in their life and they also have their own solution for most of those problems. But the solution is either limited to themselves or to the people who are close to them. While Entrepreneurship provides us with the opportunity to identify a common problem, find the most feasible solution in a way that everyone can benefit from it and then convert it into a business. It’s a Win-Win situation for both, the Entrepreneur as well as the people who faced the same problem. Hence the Entrepreneur can earn from the business as well as get credit for solving the problem.

2. Freedom

We live in a free country. Every year we celebrate our Independence Day, we talk about our freedom and feel lucky about it. But what do the job oriented people do the next day? They return to their jobs, take orders from their boss and do whatever their boss commands them to do, which means No Work Freedom. Whenever they see an expensive thing which they wish to buy, they are forced to ignore it because it’s out of their Budget, Which means No Financial Freedom. They want to plan a long trip but mostly shorten it and sometimes even cancel it depending upon the leaves granted by their Employer, which means No Time Freedom. While Job fails to provide such freedoms, Entrepreneurship Succeeds.

3. Convert passion into profession

Entrepreneurs are filled with passion. They don’t sacrifice their passion for a secure job and a secure source of income. Entrepreneurs are very well aware of the fact that in majority cases, a job does not allow us to do what we are really passionate about, but entrepreneurship allows us to do so. It provides us with an opportunity to convert our passion into our profession.

4. Entrepreneurship Create jobs

The best thing about choosing Entrepreneurship is that we don’t have to worry about getting a good job. Instead, we get to create a job for ourselves which in turn leads to the creation of even more jobs for others. Unemployment is a serious problem which is mainly caused because 90 percent of the population depends on the rest 10 percent to create jobs for them. More Entrepreneurs means more employment. By choosing to be an Entrepreneur you get to contribute towards solving the Unemployment problem which creates a source of income for the needy.

5. Take Risk

Entrepreneurs do not hesitate while taking Risks as the famous saying “If you don’t take Risks, you will work for someone who does”. Entrepreneurship is a risky thing, not everyone has the Guts to leave the safety of their job and be an Entrepreneur. Risks are scary yet very important. As the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

6. Inspire

We are always inspired by people who do something extraordinary in their life. Entrepreneurship provides such opportunity, an opportunity to create a product or a business which will make a good impact on other people’s life. It provides us with a chance to do extraordinary things with our life, things which a job will never allow us to do.

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7. Lead

Life always presents us with 2 choices, one is to take orders and follow someone else’s Lead and the other is to take our own decisions and lead others. A job only provides opportunities to lead partially. Partially because it requires us to first take orders from our Boss. It only allows us to lead based upon someone else’s Will. While Entrepreneurship not only provides us with opportunities to lead but also requires us to lead others.

8. Get Noticed

Not everyone has the Guts and ability to be an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a rare thing, by choosing Entrepreneurship over a Job we get an opportunity to tell the whole world that we are different, we are uncommon and we are not afraid of taking risks. We get to showcase our own idea to the world instead of working on someone else’s Ideas. As Entrepreneurship is an uncommon thing, Entrepreneurs often get more popularity and are noticed more than job oriented people.

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