How To Focus Without Distraction

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It is a proven fact that the more focused we are, the more successful it can get us. The ability to focus solely on something is like a mental exercise, the more we work on it for sustained period of time the better we can get on it.

Here are the Top 10 ways to Focus

1. Say No to Distraction

Distraction is anything which alerts your brain that something has changed and you need to divert your attention towards it. There are two types of distractions, Obvious and Not-So-Obvious. While checking email, WhatsApp, listening music, watching videos etc are the obvious distractions which you need to eliminate but thoughts about winning or losing, slight noise in your neighborhood etc are Not-So-Obvious distractions which might still distract you so might need to figure out a way focus with it.

Create a gadget-free zone. While gadgets were made to save us time, in reality, many times they actually waste it. Today gadgets have become the biggest source of distraction. For instance, imagine you are focused on some task and suddenly your phone beeps, it will distract you and you to check your phone. Ultimately the more distractions you eliminate, the more focused you can be.

2. Avoid Multitasking

In recent years people are concentrating more and more on multitasking, which is a good thing but still, it is the major reason why they are not able to concentrate on their task.  Studies show that multitasking is the biggest enemy of Focus as constantly switching between multiple tasks ultimately makes us more prone to distraction. So take a single task at a time and avoid focusing on any other task until you have finished your planned work.

3. Have a Firm Goal

There will always be times when your mind will try to drift around, you will feel too lazy or start thinking about other unimportant things. This is the time when you need to remind yourself about your Goal, remind yourself why you need to finish what you were doing. This will ultimately help you to refocus on your task.

4. Practice Meditation

When I say meditation I don’t mean that you have to go to a monastery and meditate for the whole day. Studies show that 20 Minutes of deep meditation a day can help to keep our mind cool, calm, collected and boost our attention span drastically.

5. Take a Break

Working continuously for long without any break drains your energy and lowers your focus. Every decision you make will make your tired, you will find it difficult to focus on the task you are working on. Your brain needs some change too. If you don’t take a break then it will try to get distracted. A short walk outside can be a constructive break, some deep breath while focusing on the things you love to see can be rejuvenating. Just make sure you write down the time you will be back before you go out and stay committed to it.

6. Create a Distraction List

While working on any task whenever any distracting thing pops into your mind like checking your phone or email etc just write it down on a piece of paper or Evernote and make a commitment that you will be able to look it up only after your focusing session is over and your break time has finally arrived.

7. Use Motivating Self-Talk

Positive self-talk like “Stay with it”, “I can finish it”, “I have done things harder than this” etc can certainly help you stay focused on your task. Your goal should be to use positive affirmations to create a subconscious commitment towards staying focused.

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8. Balance Stimulation Levels

Too fewer simulations mean Boring and Too High simulations means Stressed. Convert boring to interesting (For instance playing music in the background might help) and identify the stress causing agent and try to neutralize it accordingly. The first thing you need to do whenever you fell stressed is to try to calm yourself. Always have a list of activities which normally help you in soothing yourself. For instance listening music, playing a game or taking a break as I suggested earlier will help.

Identify the tasks which cause you stress, more likely they will be the most important once. Then break them into smaller sub-tasks. Remember how you overcame similar situations in the past.

9. Balanced Sleep and Exercise

We all know that sleep and exercise are major contributors to our physical health. But their benefits are not limited to just physical health, they contribute to mental health too. Studies show that balanced sleep helps in increasing focus and creativity whereas exercise can give a fleeting lift to your mental and psychological execution, making it easier to focus.

10. Stay Hydrated

Studies show that mild dehydration which can be slight to the point that you don’t even notice or feel thirsty—can lead to inattention. So always stay hydrated to stay focused.

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