5 Genuine Online Money Making Ways Without Investment

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Have you ever wondered how some people make a living just by spending a few hours online without any investment? If yes, then you are in the right place. You might have come across many websites which made you believe that you can earn thousands of dollars by just clicking on some ads or filling some online surveys. You might have tried it but it didn’t work out for you. Well, most of those websites are fake and I highly recommend you to never get enrolled with the websites which require you to pay some initial investment for using their online money making programs like ads clicking, form filling, liking etc.

Here is a list of the top 5 Genuine ways to make money online with Zero investment.

Be a Freelancer

Freelancing basically means being self-employed and hired by various companies or individual for specific assignments. Freelancing provides you the opportunity to work with different small and big companies based on your very own skill set.

You may choose to be a Web developer, Content writer, graphic designer etc. If you want to be a Freelancer then the first thing you need is a definite skill set and a PayPal account. Yes, A PayPal account as most clients wishes to pay Via PayPal. If you don’t have one then create here.

Freelancing can get quite irritating sometimes as you get paid only after your work is approved by the client, you might have to revise multiple times until the client approves your work but still it is the best online money making source.

Be a YouTuber

YouTube is the second most viewed website today. YouTube can be a good source of online income but first, you need some good videos. If any of your videos goes viral then it will be like you just hit a lottery.

Some of the things to consider if you want to earn from Youtube are Video Clarity, Sound Clarity, Video Resolution, Video Length, Light, and Uniqueness. On an average, a monetized youtube channel can generate approximately $5 to $10 for every 5000 views. Doesn’t sound much right? But if you have 100 videos with 5000 views each then it can fetch you from 500 to 1000 Dollars. It can be your best source of passive income.

Be a blogger

Blogging is still picking up as a full-time career.

If you are good in writing then Blogging platforms were specially developed for you. Many people rule out this option assuming they need some technical knowledge for starting their own blog which is completely incorrect. WordPress, blogger were specially built for people with zero technical knowledge. Refer WordPress Or Blogger – Which is best for you for better understanding.

All you need to do is set up a blog on wordpress.com or blogger referring to their step by step guide and start writing some useful content. Ideally, a blog should contain at least 500 words. Just make sure your content is unique and not copy-pasted from the internet. Once you have enough content you can start earning via Google Adsense, Sponsored content and Affiliate marketing. If your content is really liked by many readers then brands will pay you for writing about their products (Sponsored content). One thing to keep in mind is that it takes time and effort for a blog to attract good traffic.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

If you really want to earn some good money online and you are ready to put some extra efforts then Affiliate Marketing is best for you. The scope for Affiliate Marketing is growing day by day as E-commerce is on a rise. Hundreds of E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc pay a good amount for promoting their products.

In Affiliate Marketing you have to publish the unique links provided by the E-commerce websites on your website, blog or your social media. The links are unique with your tracking code embedded within it. Whenever any person clicks on your link and buys the product you will get some commission. The commission will vary from product to product which can be anywhere from 4% to 20%.

Be a Photographer

Almost everyone likes to clicks photos, but won’t you be excited if I tell you that you can easily start generating real money by selling them online. It’s like making money from your hobby. If you own a good Camera or a Smartphone with a high-resolution camera then you can start clicking high-resolution pictures of Nature, Animals, People, Things etc and start selling them online.

Here are some of the top websites to sell your photos online. Alamy, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, PhotoShelter, Fotolia, PhotoMoolah, SmugMug, Can Stock Photo, 123RF, Dreamstime etc.

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