Oh Girl Want To Be Successful? Don’t Get Married

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Lady 1: What is your Girl doing these days?
Parent: She Graduated and now wants to pursue her Ph.D.
Lady 3: Have you started searching matches for her?
Parent: No, We are waiting for her to complete her Ph.D.
Lady 3: Get her married soon else you won’t get any guy who matches her educational qualification.
Lady 1: She might also earn more than the Guys and might not get any proposals.
Parent: Then I will talk to my husband about this matter and get her married soon.

India is growing fast, its economy is booming day by day. But what about its people’s Mentality? Is it growing with the same speed? The answer is Definitely NO. Now more and more People have started encouraging their daughters to get a good education but still, there is one thing which has not changed a bit, they still think it’s their duty to get their daughter married before she turns 25. They start worrying about their daughter’s marriage as soon as she comes closer to 18 years of age. More importantly, they always want their daughter to marry a guy who earns more than her and has a better or at least equal educational qualification. Moreover, it’s the society who plants such ideas into the parent’s minds. Which is the very reason I decided to write this article, I overheard the above Conversation and couldn’t ignore it.

What is wrong if a girl earns more than her husband? What is wrong if a girl has a better education qualification than her husband? Why does the society want a girl to be always lesser than her husband? Why should a girl be dependent on her husband’s income? The worst part is that it’s not the mentality of just the parents and society but even a majority of girls still expect the same. People talk about equality among men and woman but tell me how we can ever achieve it if this kind of mentality still prevails.

First of all the young girls need to understand that they don’t need to depend on their future husbands for all their needs. They need to understand that they can achieve it even by themselves. The Men needs to understand that if a woman can happily accept her husband’s success then even they can do the same. Marriage is an emotional bonding between a man and a woman for a lifetime. There is no need for the Man to dominate over his wife and there is no need for a woman to be inferior to her husband.

Now coming to the main Point, An advice to all the girls who want to be successful

  1. Never pay any attention to the ladies who ask you to get married to a well-settled guy so that you can have whatever you want, they have always been dependent their whole life and don’t know how it feels to lead an independent life.
  2. Don’t listen to the people who ask you to get married just because you are 25 or 30 years of age. Your life will transform completely after marriage so Marry when you are confident that you are emotionally ready for it.
  3. Don’t listen to the people who say girls are only meant to do household work, they are still living in the 18th century.
  4. Don’t marry just to get settled in your life. You will get settled but lose your freedom and always be dependent on your husband. Marriages are meant to attain emotional stability and not financial stability.
  5. Don’t listen to the people who believe that girls are only meant to take care of children and her husband’s home. They never had aims and ambitions in their life and if they had and dared to chase them then they would have led a far better life than what they lead today.

Never allow anyone tear your wings, follow your aims and ambitions and achieve them. I am not saying that you should never get married and stay single forever, I am saying marry when it’s the right time according to you and not because you are 23 or 25 years old. Settling in life does not mean getting married but it means standing on your own feet and earning your own bread and butter.


You will miss a few matches but at the end, you will find the person who is best for you. Not all men expect their future wife to be inferior to them. There are men who prefer their life partner to be an ambitious woman, who dares to chase her dreams. I can guarantee you that. Even if you don’t get a husband who earns more than you then at least you will be able to lead an independent life thereafter, you will find someone who truly understands your dreams.


  • I totally agree with whatever is said above. I wish more women widen their perspective and live a life of abundance.

  • Talking about women empowerment n not letting women to empower is hypocrisy which has hits major section of society nt only dat some women feels da same which is actully very sad .. country can never be so devlop ed untill n unless people work for others welfare n women realizing their potentials n nt letting anybody to hyjack their rights…

  • Rami

    It’s really good to read this.Marriage is definitely a barrier if our partner doesn’t like us improving.it is very difficult to get an understanding, supportive one.it is better to be unmarried than to see our dreams getting burried.

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