Quitting job? Why You Need To Rethink About It

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So you have finally realized that you and your current job are not a great fit. But you are still not sure what to do next, whether to quit the job or to continue it. When you find yourself in such situation, then you will most certainly fanaticize about Quitting your job and working elsewhere. Well, there might be plenty of reasons to quit your job as listed 10 Reasons You Need To Quit Your Job” but still, there are also plenty of reasons to continue with your current job.

Here are Top 10 Reasons why you should Not Quit Job

1. You don’t have any other Offer in hand

It’s easier to get a new job when you already have a job. It makes your resume strong and as you already have a job the interviewer knows that you are not very desperately looking for a job change which is a plus point for you while negotiating your Pay. Another reason to wait is that Job hunting might take you much longer than you expect, which will directly affect your Finances. So it’s better to find a replacement job before quitting your current job.

2. You don’t have a Full Proof Plan

You need a plan about what you will do next, whether you will join a new job or start your own Business, how you will manage your expenses until you get a new job or until your business starts generating profits. If its job then how are you going to tackle the job interviews, what will be your answer to “Why you quit your old job” etc. If its business then first you need to have a Business Model, Revenue Model, Funds etc.

3. You don’t have enough Savings

If starting a business is the reason then first you have to consider paying all your debts and save enough money to cover up at least a year’s expense. If the reason is a job then you need to have enough money saved up to hold you over until you get a new job. Quitting your job and then not being able to pay your bills is the last thing you will ever want to happen.

4. Things can get Better

If you want to quit your job as you are not happy with your job then go ahead and quit. But if it is just one aspect of your job that you wish could change such as your Boss or your Project etc then it might be best for you to stay put to your job if there is a possibility of such change.

5. You have not taken a Vacation lately

Working continuously for 40 plus hours a week without any break can make anyone tired with their job. If this is your case then you must seriously consider taking a vacation before you finally make the big decision. Vacation can help you lower your Stress Levels and get a Refreshment. It might change your perspective towards your job. More ever your company will be more happy to approve your long leave than to let you go.

6. You have not Discussed your Concerns with your Boss

You might be considering quitting your job due to some unbearable situations such as you have too much workload or you are not comfortable with the project or you can’t bear your team member or you are not able to manage your expenses with your salary etc but still things might change if you discuss your concerns with your boss first. Maybe he/she can assign you to work with a different team or work on a different project or your management might even consider giving you a Salary Hike etc.

7. It’s the Wrong Time of the year

You need to consider Seasonality before deciding to quit your Job. Companies usually don’t hire during some part of the year such as the Christmas period as it’s a loss for them to hire new staff and then allow them to take forced annual leave even before completion of their probation period. Some companies even don’t consider hiring new staff during the end of financial year.

8. You are just getting calls from Recruiters

It’s not a good idea to say Sayonara to your company just because you got a few calls from recruiters. Getting calls from recruiters doesn’t guarantee a job. The best step will be to attend the interview first, get a job and wait until you get your offer letter.

9. You are not prepared for Interviews

If you are planning to quit your job and then prepare for the interviews then you will be just burning your saving until then. It’s always best to prepare for interviews or learn new skills while you are still working. The process will take longer but it will provide you with financial security as your job will cover all your expenses till then.

10. Your Resume will suffer

Maybe you hate your job but you are still short of a couple of months to complete a year in your company or maybe your current job is already the second job in the same year or maybe you have not yet acquired enough experience in your field etc. If this is your case then my best advice will be to hang on to your job for some more time.

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