Success Misconceptions – It’s All A Lie

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The word Success is very Over Hyped. There are many ways of looking at the word Success. Different people have a different version of success. For instance, some people believe that being Wealthy means being successful while some believe that being happy with their life means being successful.

The word “Success” has many Misconceptions especially when it comes to Wealth. Failing to Understand and address them accordingly will block your path towards achieving financial success. So in this article, I am writing about the Top 10 Misconceptions of Financial Success.

1. You need a lot of Money

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Success. Although having money will be advantageous, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need money to achieve success. 85% millionaires are self-made. Most of them started from scratch with little or no funds.

2. You need Luck

While it might be true in some cases but you need to know that they constitute only a tiny fragment of the successful people. You need a plan, hard work and consistency to be successful. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

3. You need to have a Business Background

A majority of the Middle class and poor people believe that they need a business background to be successfully so they need try for it. You don’t necessarily need a Business Background, You need a Business Mindset which anyone can cultivate.

4. You need to Study in Top University

Success has nothing to do with studying in Top University. It is just a middle-class mentality. You don’t need a Degree or Doctorate to achieve success instead, you need the right knowledge. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc are college Dropouts.

5. You need a Job

If you will make a list of the successful people in your city or country then you will notice that majority of people in that list own Businesses instead of a Full-Time Job. Chances of being successful by working for someone is very less as you will be just helping that person to be successful and not yourself.

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6. You should never Commit Mistake

It’s a widely believed misconception that successful people never commit mistakes. They are humans just like you and they too commit mistakes, they just learn from their mistakes and don’t commit the same mistake again. In fact, successful people have experienced more failure which is usually caused due to their mistakes.

7. You need to Work for more than 70 hours a week

It might be true in some cases but it’s not the duration of work that matters, it’s the outcome of the work that really makes the difference. Average people work for money while successful people make money work for them.

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8. You need to Play by the Rules

There is no definite Rulebook for success. Some situations will demand you to follow the Rules while others will require you to make your own rules. Once you achieve the success you will be writing your own Rulebook and others will be excited to follow it.

9. You should not ask for Help

No matter how brilliant or smart you are, at some point in time, you will definitely need to ask help. Successful people never hesitate to ask for help, they know that their hesitation will only make thing worse. You need to stop hesitating from taking help and learn to appreciate your helpers.

10. You should never Quit

I am not saying that you should Quit as soon as you encounter a failure. Failure is the first step towards success. You should learn from your failures and improvise, perhaps try a new approach next time but you should also know when is the right time to stop.

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