WordPress vs Blogger Which Is Best For You

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As a professional developer, many people ask me the question which is the best blogging platform to start create a blog with less or zero technical knowledge. Answering this question is tricky because although there are many blogging platforms yet WordPress and Blogspot are the two platforms which dominate the entire blogging world. Both have its own Pros and Cons so it will depend on person to person when it comes to deciding the best.

One of the major deciding factors should be the purpose of creating the blog. Here is a list of features, advantages, and disadvantages based upon which you can easily judge which one is best suited for you.


Owned and maintained by Google.  It is easy to setup, all you need is a Google account to create a blog. By default, you will get a yoursite.blogspot.com like a domain name for free. But it is not compulsory to use that domain name, you can buy your own custom domain name and link it with your Blog for free.

The best part is that is Seo friendly. Your Seo is already taken care of so you don’t have to worry much about it. Since it is owned by google, it comes with pre-built features like google analytics, Google Adsense, and google AdWords. It has many free templates to choose from and user-friendly widgets to customize the blog as needed. It also allows you to customize the CSS, Javascript and PHP code. This is pretty much everything a new blogger with no technical knowledge will ever need.

Since Blogger provides mainly the basic features, advanced bloggers always complain the unavailability of some high-end features and more advanced options.


There are two types in WordPress. WordPress.com and wordpress.org.

WordPress.com is mainly for people with zero technical knowledge and who have no interest in getting familiar with programming. While wordpress.org requires you to buy space from any hosting company then create a database and then install the WordPress software into the host. wordpress.com is already set up and hosted by WordPress free of cost. It comes with a domain name like yoursite.wordpress.com for free. You will have to upgrade your plan by paying around $35.88 / year to link your own custom domain whereas wordpress.org doesn’t provide yoursite.wordpress.com free domain, it requires you to link your own custom domain name.

You will have to take care of the Seo by using plugins. The best part of using WordPress is that it had a very vast active community who develop free as well as paid plugins for all most every feature which a new as well as an advanced blogger will ever require. In wordpress.com you will have to upgrade your plan by paying around $99 / year to customize the CSS, javascript etc. While in wordpress.org you have full control over the Code. You can edit Html, Css, Php, Javascript and even the plugin code if you wish.

One major disadvantage of wordpress.org is that you will have to update to newer version manually whenever a new update is available which is a very hectic job if you made too many customizations in the WordPress software code. I know this from my personal experience.

Below is a Quick difference between Blogger, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org.

Features Blogger WordPress.com WordPress.org
Hosting Free Free Need to pay for hosting
Domain yoursite.blogspot.com (Default Free Domain).
Option to link your custom domain for free.
(yoursite.wordpress.com) (Default Free Domain).
Option to link your custom domain for $35.88 for a year.
Have to set your own custom Domain.
Customization Level Full: Can make it look like a blog or website. Add custom CSS, Javascript and Php but with limited Capabilities. Medium: Need to upgrade by paying $99 / year to customize the CSS files. Full: You Can Create / Theme / Plugins / CSS / Javascript / Php etc to make it look like Advanced website. Add custom CSS, Javascript, Php etc.
Set Up You only need create an account and start using their pre-built features. You only need create an account and start using their pre-built features. Need to set up a database first and then install WordPress on your host.
Programming Level Zero Zero Intermediate. What is the use of choosing this if you don’t know how to edit CSS, javascript etc.
Software Updates Updates Automatically. You will get a notification that its updated. Updates Automatically. You will get a notification that its updated. Need to update manually. Need good programming knowledge to update.
Widget Support Full Support Does not support third party scripts and some HTML codes. Full Support. Better than Blogspot.
Support Limited Very active community support. Very active community support.

If you are new to blogging who just wants a personal blog or if you have no intention to earn much from it or if you have no intention to make it a big brand then go with blogger else go with wordpress.org. So now it’s up to you which one you want to decide.

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